My name is David Wilson

author, entrepreneur, speaker, business strategist 

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I am David Wilson the Business Savage, and I teach others how to be the same. 

As an author, I help individuals & businesses network and connect with their ideal clients and customers to MONITIZE their networking efforts and stop NETWORKING FOR NOTHING!

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I fund businesses when traditional bank financing is unavailable. 

As a speaker, I motivate individuals and businesses to be their best.

As a business strategist, I assist business owners with vetting business ideas, bringing those ideas to fruition, maximizing business efficiency, and staying motivated. 

During my one-hour and two-hour Savage Sessions, I advise individuals and business owners by listening to challenges and offering clear and frank action steps to overcome those challenges.

If you want to learn to be a Business Savage and take your idea or company to the next level, I'm your expert! 

Let's connect. 

Stay Savage, My Friends! 

David Wilson 

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