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How Can We Learn About Productivity from an Airplane?

I consider myself pretty techie.  And I think I have a pretty hi-tech smartphone. That said, I am due for an upgrade in the next week or so, so I'll have the absolute latest and greatest in smartphone technology (well, at least for a few days!).  The thing I really love about my device and smart devices in general, though, is how they increase our productivity.  We can get emails on the fly, transfer and share files, and enter leads into mobile CRM systems like Zoho.  As a result, we are  always connected.   But that can surely be distracting, as most of us actually have to get things done.  And if you're anything like me, my smartphone has negatively affected my productivity.  I have spurts of being very, VERY busy checking stuff, responding to stuff, sending stuff, and watching stuff.  However, at the end of some of these days, I found myself looking back and asking myself, "What in the world did I get done today?" productivity So, why does that happen?   Being the highly distractible, undiagnosed, but self diagnosed ADD-type (don't laugh, I'm not the only one!), I would take action every single time my device shook, lit up, moved, beeped, dinged or whatever (we all know that eCoupon for the fruit cake would be just in time for the holidays--AND IT'S URGENT).  I tried putting my phone on silent or vibrate, but I would start sweating, wondering what I was missing.  This went on intermittently throughout my smartphone experience until I discovered how to experience true productivity.  And it was so simple.   The airplane.   Maybe you're way more in the know than I am, but I was only recently introduced to AIRPLANE MODE!!!!  Wow!  By setting my smartphone to AIRPLANE, all the stuff is shut off, but the device stays on.  No dings, beeps, buzzes, or vibrates.  Furthermore, there was something psychological about the two-step process of setting my phone to this mode that prevented me from constantly reaching for it to turn it back on.  In my mind, this is the time to GET THINGS DONE! With my device in AIRPLANE, my productivity went through the roof!  I was able to work in blocks of time until I completed important tasks.   And I got two rewards!  One was the satisfaction of completing a task, and the other was the excitement of seeing what would ding and beep and light up what I turned my device back on.  You see, all that stuff is still happening behind the scenes. And guess what?  When I switched back to full service, EVERYTHING WAS STILL THERE!   Try it.  And share how the AIRPLANE helps you crush your productivity.  

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