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The I Hate Networking Events! interview with Kevin Jordan of Redpoint Marketing Consultants

  I had the pleasure this week to talk with marketing expert Kevin Jordan of Redpoint Marketing Consultants on his blog show. This is the perfect blog for the busy business owner as it is short, powerful, and to the point. Kudos to Kevin! (He's got some cool and FREE e-books, too)   I drew from my networking experiences and my networking manual I Hate Networking Events! to touch upon two hot topics:  
  • the 3 ACTIONS a business owner can take to get better results before, during, and after his or her networking event of choice
  • the 2 BIGGEST mistakes business owners can make when at a networking event
You can listen to the podcast here. And while you're there, look around and subscribe to Kevin's awesome blog!   I was inspired to write my book because I wanted to share the unique (and, oftentimes, unbelievably hilarious) experiences throughout my 20 years of networking and building various businesses. Over the years, when I would mention business networking to people, they would reply, "I HATE Networking Events!".   Hence the title!!   Like Kevin Jordan's blog posts and podcasts, my networking manual is concise and action step driven. It's designed to be a comprehensive networking plan (along with the free workbook found on my website that you can apply to get better results from your networking experience.   So, you might be thinking, "Yeah, well, all authors say that about their stuff!"   Well, don't just take my word for it!   Here is what "The Father of Modern Networking" Dr. Ivan Misner (Founder of BNI Website) says about I Hate Networking Events!   "I Hate Networking Events! is the ultimate blueprint for networking success whether you're a networking novice who feels like a fish out of water at networking functions, or a seasoned networker needing to revamp your networking strategy.  The easy-to-read, condensed format of this book will not only help newbies to develop a simple, highly effective process for networking at events, it will also help the seasoned networker to refocus their approach through quantifiable networking goals.  If your aim is to develop a straight-forward, measurable networking strategy that will produce powerful results, this book is a must read!"   So, if you're looking to give your networking a super powerful jolt, buy I Hate Networking Events! to connect with the right people to grow your business!  

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What can Columbo teach us about sales and networking?

We are all familiar with the loveable and inquisitive detective Columbo. The TV audience watches a seemingly well-orchestrated crime take place, only to later witness Columbo wander onto the scene, put all the pieces together, and solve the caper. In the end, the perpetrator is always amazed that Old Columbo figured it out. But how did he do it every week? And what on earth does Columbo have to do with sales and networking?   Well, Columbo is a master of three things. columbo picture First, he has perfected the art of asking questions ("Oh, one more thing...). Some of the questions he asks seem silly, but they are all designed to gather information to move the crime solving process to the next step. That is what we should be doing when we're out networking or out selling. We ask questions to gather information to see if it makes sense to move the process further.   Second, Columbo is a master listener. Not only does he ask the questions, but he also listens intently to the answers. Seems simple enough, but how often have we heard of the sales guy just throwing up all over a prospect or new networking partner talking just about himself  (I talk about how to disengage from folks like this in my book)   Third, Columbo takes notes so he doesn't forget what people say. This also gives the impression to those around him that he's paying attention. In the sales and networking space, we can take a note on the back of a business card ("call tomorrow for a meeting" or "send a brochure") to remind us what to do next or we can take notes in our CRM system to keep us more organized with our follow through.   So, next time you're our networking or selling, think of these points by our good friend Columbo although I wouldn't recommend wearing a rain coat if it's not raining! What are some of the favorite questions you ask to keep the sales or networking process moving forward?

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