Yoga prepares us for entrepreneurship? You bet!

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Sep 18, 2014 David Wilson (0)

Yoga prepares us for entrepreneurship? You bet!




I started very seriously practicing yoga about 2 years ago, about 6 years into my business. I am usually on my mat 2-4 times a week in between weight training sessions. In the beginning, I was in the group that snickered at yoga!


“I can’t sit still long enough to participate in yoga class!”


“Yoga is boring.”


“Yoga ¬†won’t make me any stronger!”


You’ve heard these before, I’m sure, if you are a yogi. That said, I chose to shift my paradigm.


I started with gentle yoga and realized the mental challenge. I tried vinyasa yoga and discovered quickly (VERY QUICKLY) that I wasn’t nearly as strong as I thought I was. But I kept going! As I built my strength I ventured into power yoga, which is an advanced version combining high level poses and sickening core strengthening moves. Two years later, I have lost almost 60 pounds (258 lbs to 203 lbs), lowered my blood pressure (from 190/90 to 117/72), reduced my resting heart rate (from 80 to 54!), and created about 5 unalterable or tailorable suits!


So, while yoga didn’t do it alone, yoga was a huge part!


That said, HOW DOES YOGA PREPARE US FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP? Well, here’s how it’s helped me with my business.


Yoga forces us to be comfortable with discomfort


One of the cornerstones to a successful yoga practice is breath control. Oftentimes, I find myself in a challenging pose, straining and shaking. I must remain calm even though I am uncomfortable, twisted up, and constricted. How often do we face that in the business world?


Yoga helps us deal with stress gracefully


Stress is normal. How we deal with that stress is the key. I can’t tell you how many times while facing a business challenge I have “found my breath” and calmed my mind, only to find the solution to the problem within.


Yoga forces us to face our fears

yoga standing half moon

Here is a picture of a standing half moon. There was a time I would not have even attempted this pose (and believe me, this is NOT the most challenging pose out there). However, as I advanced in my practice and got mentally and physically stronger, I gained more and more confidence to face the fear. Facing our fears of prospecting, speaking in public, and networking lead to business growth.


Yoga makes us fit and resilient


The fitness I’ve gained from my practice makes the long hours and ups & downs much more tolerable. I feel prepared to face any challenge any day!


So, give yoga a try. Start small and progress. Challenge yourself. You might soon find yourself enrolled in business school!


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David Wilson

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David Wilson is a lifelong business owner and entrepreneur, and he has been networking to find new business, make new connections, and build new relationships for almost 20 years. He uses a combination of practical advice, real-life personal stories, and laugh-out-loud humor (most of it is funny, anyway) to teach, coach, and help his readers, clients, mentees and audiences.

David is also Managing Principal of Spendown Finance, a small & midsize business funding company in Richmond, VA.
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